I am eternally grateful to Kaylene for the profound change she has helped me make in my life. She has provided guidance through many personal and professional challenges over the past few years of working with her. With Kaylene’s help, I have overhauled my career, improved my relationships with my family, remedied my unhealthy relationship with money, and continued to build an incredibly fulfilling relationship with my partner beyond all expectations. She has helped me discover my worth and connect with the best version of myself. With her honest and constructive approach, Kaylene peels back the layers of an issue, unpacking its underlying cause and providing actionable solutions. Kaylene is an integral part of my continuing growth and learning. Working with her is an incredibly precious part of my life……EMMA. T

Everyone needs to work with this amazing woman! Kaylene’s energy and passion is infectious and you always walk away from working with her uplifted and changed forever. I live my life embracing every moment. She’s helped me break through so many tough and fearful times. Truly grateful! …MELISSA. N.

Kaylene is more than a therapist, she sees and knows your soul!
My life is greater and richer personally and professionally because of the work I have done with Kaylene. I feel there is nothing I can’t deal with now, she is an amazing teacher of life and I am most grateful she is still part of my life learning! …..SONIA. B.

I’ve worked with Kaylene for over 6 years now and she’s been an incredible counsellor and mentor for me in both my personal and professional life.
She has this ability to grow YOU to know yourself, see your blocks and give amazing insight into all aspects of yourself. Kaylene has assisted me to make the required and necessary changes that I was blind to and this has enabled me to build a healthier and greater relationship within myself. This has been a godsend!
My life wouldn’t be the same, it would not have been as abundant, happy or as mindful and present as it is – were it not for Kaylene.
Don’t fight the same fight day in and day out, month on end.
Learn from this woman! She is gold!……KARISHMA. K.

Kaylene has been mentoring some of our team on a one to one basis. Individually the feedback from each person has been positive and empowering which has transpired into the working environment bringing a better vibe to the team as well as improving communication and productivity. ……DAVID W. CEO