Dream Analysis


What are Dreams?

Dreams are the messages from your subconscious mind. They are your greatest tool for understanding You and your life. This amazing inner source can help you access your inner power, wisdom and give you guidance feely without having to do anything but sleep and dream.

Dreams are basically stories and images our mind creates while we sleep. Dreams can be vivid and they can make you feel happy, sad, scared as well as feel confused or make things seem perfectly rational.

Dreams can occur anytime during sleep. But most vivid dreams occur during deep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep when the brain is most active. We dream at least four to six times per night usually in 90-minute cycles.
Why Do We Dream?
I believe dreams are necessary for our mental, emotional, and physical health.
During one study, researchers awoke subjects just before they drifted off into REM sleep.
Those who were prevented from dreaming in REM state experienced:
  • Increased tension
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Lack of coordination
  • Weight gain
  • Tendency to hallucinate
  • Psychosis
Dreams exist to:
  • Problem Solve
  • Consolidate and Create Memories
  • Process Emotions
  • Fulfil Wishes and Desires
  • To Create Healing
  • Dumps Unnecessary Neuro Connections
If you go to bed with a troubling thought, you may awaken with a solution, or feel better about the situation.
Some dreams may help our brains process our thoughts and the events of the day.
Others may just be the result of normal brain activity and mean very little if anything.

Decoding a dream is a different gateway to work with individuals who struggle to connect on an inner level to themselves. By using dream analysis, it decodes at a deeper core level the issues that are happening for the individual and connect to their own inner knowingness. Our thoughts and belief systems direct and program the content of our dreams.

Mind, Body, Spirit of Dreams
Mind: Psychology says it’s a release of unresolved challenges
Body:   Science believes neurons are firing in the brain
Spirit: Metaphysics says dreams are a way to connect to the inner realms and dimensions within.
I understand that everything works in connection, nothing works in isolation and believe all the above works as one.
What is the Theme of your Dream?
  • What symbols or themes stand out in the dream and what do you associate with these symbols or theme?
  • Symbols can be a metaphor to stimulate your own inner knowingness.
  • What feelings stand out from the dream?
Each and every Dream is a precious seed to grow and evolve and assists you in giving complete understanding to your waking hours. Dreams are a way for you to work out the difficulties in normal waking life that may be suppressed instead of experienced. By suppressing physical or emotional pain you actually sustain it. When you allow yourself to feel totally and completely one with the pain, there is no separation between you and it, so it disappears.
By suppressing physical or emotional pain you actually sustain it. When you allow yourself to feel totally and completely one with the pain, there is no separation between you and it, so it disappears.

To Relive is to Relieve, and the dream state is a safe way to Relive and Relieve the feelings that don’t get processed or experienced during the day. You can use your dream state to release waking barriers. Dreams are like a secret code. A form of repression or a wish-fulfillment or both. A person can connect the block of emotion through free association.

Dreams can be entertaining, disturbing, or downright bizarre. We all dream — even if we don’t remember it the next day. But why do we dream?

What Do Dreams Mean?
Dreams may reflect our own underlying thoughts and feelings — our deepest desires, fears, and concerns, especially recurring dreams. By interpreting our dreams, we may be able to gain insight into our lives and ourselves. Many people say they have come up with their best ideas while dreaming, so dreams can be a conduit to creativity.

Often people report having similar dreams — they are being chased, fall off a cliff, or appear in public naked. These types of dreams are likely caused by a hidden stress or anxiety. While the dreams may be similar,  the meaning behind the dream is unique to each person.

Why Do Nightmares Occur?
Nightmares, or bad dreams, are common in children and adults. Often nightmares are caused by:
  • Stress, conflict, and fear
  • Trauma
  • Emotional problems
  • Medication or drug use
  • Illness
If you have a recurring nightmare, your subconscious can be bringing attention to an issue you may be denying, ignoring or avoiding and need to work on preferably with a Health Professional.  Listen to it. If you can’t figure out why you are having bad dreams, and continue to have them, talk to a qualified Mental Healthcare provider. They may be able to help you figure out what is causing your nightmares and provide tips to put you at ease.
What Are Lucid Dreams?
Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were dreaming or conscious during your dream? This is called a lucid dream. Research has shown that lucid dreaming is accompanied by an increased activation of parts of the brain that are normally suppressed during sleep. Lucid dreaming represents a brain state between REM sleep and being awake.

Some people who are lucid dreamers are able to influence the direction of their dream, like changing the story.

Why Are Dreams Hard to Remember?
It is not known for sure why dreams are easily forgotten. Maybe we are designed to forget our dreams because if we remembered all our dreams, we might not be able to distinguish dreams from real memories.
Also, it may be harder to remember dreams because during REM sleep our body may shut down systems in our brain that’s responsible for creating memories. We may only remember dreams that occur just before we wake when certain brain activities have been turned back on.
Our minds don’t actually forget dreams, we just don’t know how to access them.
Dreams can be stored in our memory, waiting to be recalled which explains why you may suddenly remember a dream later in the day — a trigger awakens the memory.
How to Make Sense of Your Dreams
If you are intrigued by your dreams or want to sort out the meaning behind them, consider keeping a dream diary or journal.
Here are some tips:

Write it down. Keep a notebook or journal and pen next to your bed and record your dream first thing every morning, while the memory is still fresh. Write down anything you recall from the dream and how it made you feel, even if you can only remember random pieces of information.

Journal without judgment. Dreams are sometimes odd and may go against societal norms. Try not to judge yourself based on your dreams.
Give each dream a title. This may help if you want to refer back to a dream. Sometimes the title you create can provide insight on why you had the dream or the meaning behind it.
Common Themes and Meanings in Dreams
Snow Falling:   Cleansed, Calm, Optimistic. New Beginnings. A time of Change and Renewal in your life. Melting snow can mean problems in waking life are melting away.
A feeling of letting go of feelings that may have held you back.
A blizzard can mean a feeling of being abandoned or left out in the cold. Struggling to connect with your own feelings, or something you’re not accepting.
Falling: Feeling insecure, out of control or fearful, anxious and unstable. You may be feeling out of control and overwhelmed with a situation in your life, work, or relationship.
Death:  Signifies a part of your life that has ended or evolved which has been transformed, healed, or no longer serves a purpose and are moving forward into the next phase of your life.
Flying:  Usually a positive dream that represents a sense of feeling free and experiencing personal freedom. Sometimes it can mean an escape from the daily pressures of life and work. If you see the ground it can represent the real everyday world. in other instances it be astral traveling where we leave our physical body
Being Chased:  A message from your unconscious mind trying to awaken the conscious mind, bringing insight to something you may be running away from. Avoiding an issue or fear. Not connecting with a part of yourself that is wanting to engage with you. The person in your dream can represent an aspect of yourself. Your feelings of anger, or the rejected characteristics of yourself.
If you are the chaser this can represent your drive and ambition to pursue something you want or you may be lagging behind in some aspect.
Being Naked:  Depending on the context of the dream it can mean the Fear of being your true authentic self. You feel exposed and vulnerable, you can’t hide, which may make you feel fearful of rejection, ridicule and not being accepted or approved of. OR it can also mean freedom and elation, nothing stands in your way now. Overcoming an obstacle in life and feeling comfortable in one’s own skin.
Teeth Falling Out:  Can represent a loss of personal power, confidence or self-esteem in some area of your life. Feeling powerless. Broken teeth represent an obvious problem that needs to be resolved. To regain and restore confidence in something.
Snakes: Depending on context it relates to a warning or to be cautious about someone or something. It can also reflect your own lack of integrity or deceptive behaviour with someone or something. You can use it to create positive change in your life by looking at what is negative for you in your life and change and action what you need to do to transform the energy to a more positive outcome.
Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams