Kaylene is the  author of “RISE and SHINE,
Awaken Your Greatest Self.”

Kaylene has worked as a Transpersonal Counsellor and Psychotherapist for the last 20 years and is an advocate for being a Positive Person of Influence. Her clients span across the globe, and she is a regular guest presenter on Australian radio.

Kaylenes experience is diverse and extensive and successfully delivers training and development programs to corporate organisations regarding mindfulness and mindset. Kaylene is a well respected Thought Leader and Inner Mentor who is breaking through traditional barriers of thinking to help empower and connect individuals with their true authentic self. Kaylene believes people have a concept of who they think they are, rather than understanding and knowing who they really are.“If we continuously define ourselves from our shell of self, it will eventually lead us to a place of emptiness, feeling discontented and unhappy on the inside.

I believe most people know themselves at a superficial level, (ego), which eventually brings its own challenges of unanswered questions and inner turmoil that either awakens people in being their greater self, or fear shuts them down to stay small.

There is no doubt my work challenges people to rise up and connect to a greater more meaningful and purposeful level of themselves. When I first meet with a person I see clearly two distinct aspects, the fear within and the real potential. I equate it to being presented with an uncut diamond and helping discover the jewel hidden within. This work creates a rewarding place of self-discovery and unlimited possibilities along with plenty of Aha moments!”

Kaylene has a way of peeling back those inner layers to the depth and core of individuals that awakens and transforms from the inside out. With it comes a deeper wisdom and understanding of self with an energy that is undeniably uplifting.

“To transform something, it must happen at its core, it’s the core foundation where the true strength and power resides.”

This work will forever change the way we understand ourselves and others and once connected you will wonder how you ever got as far as you have. It’s time to work on the most important project you will ever work on and that project is YOU! Be inspired from within, everything you need is within you just haven’t connected to it yet.

My work involves:

•    One-on-One Mentoring & Coaching for Self Discovery
•    Developing a Mindful Mindset
•    Self Leadership / Interpersonal Awareness
•    Managing Behaviour and Performance
•    Build/Develop Healthy Self Esteem
•    Retrain/Reframe Old & Limiting Thinking
•    Soul Psychology
•    Dream Analysis
Because The Way You Think is Your Business!

I am passionate about awakening the Mind into Action and assisting willing individuals to grow and develop beyond what they believe is possible, by retraining rigid thinking paradigms and belief systems and embracing a more mindful, flexible and open free thinking mindset.

As a qualified practitioner in Thought Field Therapy and I hold Diplomas in Counseling Advanced Counseling and Psychotherapy as well as Stress Management. I have worked with the De Bono Institute in ‘Lateral Thinking’ and the Advanced Practical Thinking Training programs.

I am an Advocate for White Ribbon Australia